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DeadLizard is a creative agency that crafts targeted communications solutions for brands and agencies.
We live at the nexus of strategy, creative and production.
we are:
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The foundation of all our creative work is storytelling.
The right story told in the right way at the right time can do everything from influence opinion to change the future.

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brand advocates

Each of our clients have a voice
that is theirs alone. 
Our job is to understand and clarify that unique voice - not dilute it with cookie cutter solutions or off-brand gimmicks.

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impact multipliers

We leverage our extensive experience to drive actionable results for you, our clients.
Our distinguishing differentiator is our passion for creative problem solving.

you can trust deadlizard
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“When I look at my portfolio, my best work is with DeadLizard.”

Steve Calandra
VP, Disney Creative Studios

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we take great pride in our long-standing relationships.
Happy clients become return partners.
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we go the distance
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"I like to call them the dream-makers. I dream it and they make it.”

Andrew Schulman
VP, Partner Marketing & Entertainment Partnerships