Frequent & Clear Communication is Critical

November 14, 2023

Communication problems are one of the most common ways for client-facing creative projects to go terribly wrong. That's why our account and project management strategy is built on frequent, clear communication from one fixed point of contact. While projects may move around fluidly within our design team, we ensure our clients are never confused about who they should talk to if they need something.

All too often, agencies can retreat to their creative think tank only to emerge when it's time to get client feedback on the work – leaving large stretches with little client correspondence. What we do instead is keep communication open and ongoing with smaller releases in between larger core deliverables. Each project is divided into a set of major deliverables that get us to the final deadline, and then we subdivide the time between each of those releases into several smaller incremental checkpoints.  

It can be easy for confusion to creep into the communication between a design agency and their client. A few small gaps in an exchange can snowball into a collapse of scope and scheduling expectations, leading to a breakdown of the project plan. Once a client is unsure what to expect or who to expect it from, the effort required to clarify the situation takes serious focus away from working on the project itself.

That's why our approach to account and project management is structured around iterative touchpoints – each micro-exchange sharing the development to date and allowing the opportunity for client feedback earlier so it can be folded into the next iterative release. This gives little opening to go too far down a path that's out of sync with the client’s vision, and it ensures that they are never uncertain about what's happening. It gives our partners confidence that they're heard and that they’ll get work that is on time and on budget that delivers for their needs.